Sample Content

Here's something you won't get from any other CME provider: actual sample content!

We believe our content is the best there is, so here we give you the actual content from two lectures, and a couple of sample slides.

Each topic follows a standard format: one or two patient presentations with management questions, a review of pertinent guidelines, followed by some interesting studies. These might be the studies that provided the results that ended up in the guidelines, or studies that have come out since the guidelines were written and either reinforce those guidelines or have findings that bring the guidelines into question. Then we return to the patient and answer the management questions, and have Take Home Points.

Here's the pancreatitis presentation - this is included because it's the shortest video. 


Here's the GI Bleeding video - lots of great information about DOACs, and studies about re-starting anticoagulation after a bleed:


There's way more information out there than any of us can keep up with. We work hard to distill that information into digestible, easy-to-apply chunks.

Here's a slide from the Atrial Fibrillation talk, summarizing a review of 220 different articles, with 117 total studies, into one helpful slide for physicians in any field, especially hospital medicine:

This is from the COPD slides - we dive into a study showing lower mortality for patients who start pulmonary rehab within 90 days after a COPD-related hospitalization:

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