About Us

Our conferences often evoke the sentiment,

'It's Too Good to be True.'

We're accustomed to hearing this reaction, as many attendees are pleasantly surprised by our unique blend of cutting-edge medical content and a fabulous vacation experience.

The genesis of our company stems from Dr. Steve Burgess's dissatisfaction with the quality and timeliness of available CME offerings. Disheartened by attending a conference where a renowned pneumonia expert failed to address recent guidelines, opting instead to recycle outdated material, Dr. Burgess recognized a need for improvement. Moreover, the overwhelming lecture schedule left him fatigued and unable to absorb vital information effectively.

Driven by a commitment to provide current, relevant information in a more digestible format, Dr. Burgess crafted a program tailored to his own preferences. This program is characterized by three fundamental components:

  1. Relevant, Up-to-Date Content: We prioritize the latest medical information to ensure attendees receive the most current insights.
  2. Half-Day Lectures: By condensing sessions into shorter durations, we enhance comprehension and retention.
  3. Scenic Locations: Our conferences take place in picturesque settings, allowing attendees to unwind and recharge—a crucial factor in effective learning and maintaining practitioner well-being.

Additionally, we offer 'Take Home Points' for easy reference post-conference.

Dr. Burgess's dedication to staying abreast of medical advancements is exemplary. He goes above and beyond to incorporate new findings into our lectures, even if it means last-minute adjustments. This commitment has earned recognition, with his presentations often aligning closely with official guidelines.

Our presentations typically follow a structured format:

  • Medical Topic
    • Guidelines Summary
    • Recent Research Studies
    • Patient Case Study

Recognizing the need for support, Dr. Burgess enlisted the expertise of his longtime friend Özlem to manage business operations, while Nellie oversees administrative tasks. Together, we strive to create an exceptional CME experience. We value feedback from our clients and continuously refine our offerings based on their suggestions, such as introducing networking events and providing helpful resources like pharmaceutical cheat sheets.

When you attend our conferences, you'll have the opportunity to meet at least one member of our team, if not more. We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to the CME Vacations family.


Steve and Özlem and Nellie


Dr. Steve   Nellie