The 2 Minute Update

Does exercise without dietary changes prevent diabetes?

A randomized trial with 10 year results: Do you need weight loss and dietary changes to prevent diabetes, or is exercise alone sufficient?

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Who can afford some of these new medications?

New medications come with massive price tags. How beneficial is a medication if no one can afford it?

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Opiod Deaths Keep Rising Even Though Prescriptions Are Falling

Doctors are more cautious about prescribing opioids, and many have implemented new prescribing guidelines to reduce the risk of addiction and overdose.

Despite these efforts, opioid-related deaths continue to rise.

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Life Expectancy Keeps Falling

We were not ready for Covid, and our lives are now 2.4 years shorter. Will we be ready for the next pandemic, or will we see life expectancy fall further?

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71 blood draws per hospitalization?

71.5 blood draws per hospitalization? Is that even possible?

Would any of us want our blood drawn 71 times during a hospitalization, with 28 of those done before 7 a.m.? Better include a type and cross, since we may need a transfusion.

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