The 2 Minute Update

Do morning discharges improve patient flow?

How does earlier patient discharge times affect patient flow? This is an interesting study looking at time of day and the effects on patient flow.

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How does physician attire affect patient perceptions - experience and professionalism?

When patients see a doctor, what do they think? This study looks at how patients' perceptions of experience and professionalism are affected by the physician's clothing.

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Dying after leaving AMA

The nurse called: “The patient wants to leave AMA.” These calls come, fortunately not often. Typically the patient is not terribly ill, but they really miss their cigarettes or alcohol. Spending another day or two in the hospital would be wise, but leaving against medical advice is not actually jeopardizing their life. This was different. This patient was very ill, but competent to make his own decisions. He had COVID, and this was day 10 in the hospital. He was stable, but requiring high flow oxygen, 100% at 60 liters per minute. He was in his own room on our...

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Does skin color affect pulse ox readings?

Right or wrong, most patients' pulse ox readings are continuously monitored during hospitalization. Does skin color affect the accuracy of these readings?  

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Can cell phone magnets interfere with implanted devices, such as ICDs?

ICD device interference journal review journal study

Cell phones now contain strong magnets for wireless charging. Are they strong enough to turn ICDs off?  

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