The 2 Minute Update

Life Expectancy Keeps Falling

We were not ready for Covid, and our lives are now 2.4 years shorter. Will we be ready for the next pandemic, or will we see life expectancy fall further?

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71 blood draws per hospitalization?

71.5 blood draws per hospitalization? Is that even possible?

Would any of us want our blood drawn 71 times during a hospitalization, with 28 of those done before 7 a.m.? Better include a type and cross, since we may need a transfusion.

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Is there a physician shortage?

Is there a physician shortage? A look at how the workforce is changing, and physicians are working fewer hours In this 2 Minute Update, we look at a study evaluating changes in the physician workforce over 20 years, from 2001 until 2021. This study utilized survey data. The surveys were administered to 17,599 unique households over 20 years. The surveys evaluated trends in the size of the physician workforce, as well as those of physician assistants and nurse practitioners. Researchers also looked at the number of hours people were working, and the location of practices, either in rural or urban...

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Can air filters improve COPD symptoms?

COPD guidelines address many aspects of patient care, including smoking cessation, medication use, and supplemental oxygen. But they don’t address the idea of using air filters to help patients breathe better. Can we improve COPD symptoms, and prevent exacerbations, just by using an air filter in the patient’s home? This study asks that question. Researchers recently studied the use of HEPA air filters placed in the homes of people with moderate or severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. 116 patients were randomized, receiving either a HEPA air filter or a sham air filter in their home. 31% of people enrolled had...

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Concussion Treatment: Rest or Exercise?

Should patients really rest after a concussion, or is physical activity beneficial? This randomized trial shows some interesting results.

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